Damaged car auctions

Used damaged cars for sale in the USA

Welcome to our website dedicated to used damaged cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV, quad bikes and other used vehicles.

In this section of the website you will find vehicle listings from damaged car auctions. Our main goal is to help you to orient at the prices of used salvage cars at American auctions, and also to give as much information as possible about the procedure of buying from the auction. The car auction facilities can be found across the USA, practically in every state.

The largest and most famous are the three largest salvage auto auctions: Manheim, IAAI, Copart.

Manheim auction offers used vehicles on the go and non-emergency cars. At IAAI they sell automobiles from insurance companies. At the Copart auction they sell damaged cars after accidents, both with minor damages and completely broken, suitable only for auto parts. As a rule, each machine has documents, as well as a history of operation and technical inspections.

Clean title and salvage title cars can be found here within more than 200,000 items exhibited from auctions and wrecking yards. These salvage vehicles for sale have details with:

 - High quality photos for the buyers who wish to view the chosen vehicle,
-  Information on the year, engine, color, mileage as well as VIN number, price and type of damage if exists.

It’s no secret that a new car immediately after sale loses in price compared to the price in the cabin. Then every year the price of a car falls by 5-10% per year and it is impossible to sell it to a new car owner at the price of a new one, despite how the car was operated. If the car after the accident, albeit insignificant, sell it at a good price is generally difficult. For this reason, buying a used car with minor damages from an auction can be beneficial, even despite the cost of shipping across the ocean and customs clearance. In addition, there are so-called “pass-through” models, which are particularly beneficial to buy due to minor customs payments.

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